Witness the underwater colors of fish and corals in the shallow and clear waters around all the islands.

Water flying

Check out the strength of your abs with some jet pack water flying to let your soul free with a good laugh.

Fun tubing

Let the fun flow with your family as you skim through the ocean enjoying the sea breeze and adrenaline rush.


Enjoy the freedom of a bird as you fly into the sky and witness the beauty of the crystal clear oceans under you.


Delve deeper into the colors of the live corals and meet gentle giants under the sea around the islands.

Surfing and SUP

Reach out to the deep sea and enjoy riding the surf or leisurely paddle around and enjoy standup paddling.

Doing a spa treatment

No Maldives tour is complete without a Balinese Massage at many of the resorts around for the best relaxation.

Admiring a splendid sunset or sunrise

East or west, you can marvel at the beauty of the colors the sun brings as it rises up go down to the sea.


Nothing is better than enjoying a full course meal of your choice after full day work out among sea breeze.

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